NEW Dogo Argentino dog necklace in casket by ArtDogshopcenter

NEW Chow Chow dog keyring key holder in casket by ArtDogshopcenter

NEW, Chow Chow, silver hallmark dog silver necklace, silver cord limited edition, ArtDog

NEW, Handmade elegant notes of leather with a unique decoration - silver plated - Chow chow- ArtDog

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Door knocker

Chow Chow dog door's knocker limited edition by ArtDogshopcenter

Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Silver-plated earrings with an image of a pure-bred dog

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NEW, Irish Wolfhound (head) dog pin, in casket, limited edition, ArtDog

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The elegant stainless steel hip flask in a leather lining with the image of a dog - Chow chow.

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Norfolk Terrier- Wooden candlestick with dog, souvenir, decoration, limited edition, Collection