What honestly.........is there here in this ........world.!!!! My world is shattered,longing for my lost child.❤️24.12.2015

Ghostly Girl Photography

Leslie Ann O’Dell, illustration I LOVE the colors in this. That blue and pink are awesome together. She is pretty too

Художні реконструкції середньовічних угорських воїнів

Художні реконструкції середньовічних угорських воїнів

The 'Well Armed Men'  The term used by Jan Dlugosz to describe some 6,000 infantry present at  Tannenberg. They appear to have been a mix of armoured spearmen and  Crossbowmen and were led by Brethren Officers. These units like their  mounted counterparts were a mix of Mercenaries, Order foot, Vassal foot and City militias. They probably differed little from their German  counterparts. Surprisingly they appear to have been swept away by the first charge at Tannenberg.

m Fighter Royal Army N Borderwall Chain Helm Sword Crossbow Livonian crossbowman during the Northern Crusade