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guinea fowl- #PurelyPoultry

My favorite fowl. guinea hen fowl - great for eating insects in the garden without damaging the plants. Good watchdogs too, if anything new comes on the place you hear about it/them! (this includes any snakes too)

Guinea keets

So, you're thinking of keeping guinea fowls? Here are 12 (important) things I can tell you about it so you won't make mistakes.

American Buff Geese American Buff Geese

American Buff Geese are very similar in appearance to Brecon Buff Geese and are marked like Toulouse Geese but are buff, rather than grey.

Rare Chicken Is Lamborghini of Poultry : "Its feathers are black. Its organs are black. Its meat is black. So it's very special, it's a rare breed chicken."

The beautiful Jet Black Chicken(Ayam Cemani). The breed originated from the island of Java, Indonesia. The birds are completely black: black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs and toe nails, black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles.


Sabelpoot (Booted Bantams) is a beautiful and charming bird, which appear in lots of lovely colours. They have a very calm friendly character and quickly get attach to you.