Karol kałowski

Karol kałowski

Karol kałowski
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Visual Inspiration #3063 @ GenCept

North and South America seen from Space. These two continents are beautiful but the most beautiful place on earth is my Home. It is nice to travel but it is nice to come home.

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French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson is known for work that incorporates and comments on the female form, but in her amazing, sometimes amusing series Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, which we first …

grayskymorning: “ The Rue Collective ”

There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish, right? To get the best of both worlds, we have 15 totally casual outfit ideas for you to try. Scroll though for awesome style inspiration!


"There's some crazy lady on the phone talking about a moon bike! LUNAR CYCLE, he's on a lunar cycle!