Karolina Niziałek

Karolina Niziałek

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A Deep Awareness of Things For Living Well

Architecture Concept Model, I love the perspective that a repetitive structure can create in a design.

Two Architectural Models Illustrating the Bypass System of Wood Post-and-Beam Construction

Legs legs legs! Picking a day to do legs will be my most important, so combining this workout with my inner thigh workout is going to be stellar! - Plan Provision

The following 5 reliable exercises are the very best ones to help you build up the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus.

I thought these would help strengthen my core. While I did loose 4" off my waist, I gained one on my butt. Haha! I guess since it is much more toned, I don't care so much. I'm not a fan of the booty look, but this is about strength. I am happy to be getting stronger, and whatever that happens to look like on me, I will be happy with it.

“Geometric” is a broad term referring to any tattoo whose design is structured around basic mathematical shapes and/or equations. Geometric tattoos use geometric shapes and lines to create the desired tattoo, heavily relying on basic geometric rules....

70+ Simple and Small Minimalist Tattoos Design Ideas http://www.ultraupdates.com/2016/02/simple-and-small-minimalist-tattoos-design-ideas/

Minimal solar system back piece. It was Franziska's first tattoo! And she sat…

penandanotebook: 17.2.16// Half term is going so quickly this week