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karolina szczepańska

karolina szczepańska
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Troll Horn Headcanons by AWESOMEPANCAKES on DeviantArt<<< This makes a lot of sense, too!

Troll Horn Headcanons by AWESOMEPANCAKES on DeviantArt (the only part I disagree with, really, is the part on how troll horns don't regrow. I believe it was stated in canon that troll horns and teeth regrow.


Homestuck: *cries in corner* Hetalia: *comforts Homestuck* There there Homestuck it's gonna be okay.

I love Homestuck cosplayers to a point

See this is why I love Homestuck cosplayers. They look so weird to non-Homestucks so they have really funny stories Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers


I don't remember hearing that Kanaya an Vriska were moirails but it makes sense.<<<They were more auspices between vriska and tavros