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Teacher's nightmare

Teachers nightmare But.I already have a secret language with my friend


Body Language - Psychology of eye movements. Not sure if it's true but I'll be observing eyes lol

Dreaming facts .

Dreaming facts .

The Lucid Movement - The Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung

The Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. who looks inside, awakes. Jung Jung’s idea of the.

Dreams, Dream Interpretation, Connection, Holistic, Humanity, Consciousness, Sleeping, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Night Terrors, REM, Insomnia, Symbols, Archetypes, Psyche, Nature, Artwork, Meaning

For more posts like these, go visit features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, attempts to include sources to posts for the for the purpose of.

Brain Waves and Brain States.                                                                                                                                                      More

Binaural beats are not heard, but perceived as an auditory beat when two tones of specific sound wave frequencies are directed to the right and the left ear, respectively. We will try to find out whether binaural beats can induce lucid dreaming or not.

magic-spelldust: “ Embrace the darkness in which I swim (by Anna O. Photography) ”

magic-spelldust: “ Embrace the darkness in which I swim (by Anna O…


those grassy green eyes

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Green like American money

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Death Bridge by Barbu Cornel Madalin Photo Writing Prompt