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Karolina Mętrak
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Bear Tree | Sticker

Cause Keep it Wild will set aside of profits of this sticker to fund wilderness cleanups in priority areas. Your purchase helps preserve, restore, and maint

pinterest: @amyyingold ☆彡

I get that this is supposed to motivate girls to be in powerful positions in the future but a part of me thinks that phrases like these make people think that we are feminazis because it only includes females.

How well do you know your breasts? Take time this weekend to really understand your body and how it works and is connected. Our breasts are an amazing part of our anatomy that not only produce natures perfect baby food, but also have beautiful sexual resp

Allison Honeycutt Flesh Suits

This week I’ve been chatting to artist Allison Honeycutt about her Flesh Suits – a series of adorned undergarments exploring themes of modesty, obscenity, exhibitionism and the appropri…

Viva La Vulva watercolour and embroidered wall by NiamhyStitches

yay for vaginas! this sex positive embroidery is beautiful to me. i've tried basic embroidery before so i'd like to try it again to create something like this Viva La Vulva watercolour & embroidered wall by NiamhyStitches