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Belief me.. This is why everyone loves Bangtan xD it's basically the point!

Belief me. This is why everyone loves Bangtan XD it's basically the point! I mean, why else would we watch it?


BTS is adored by their company more than most other groups are by theirs, i can deal letting him take the first place ranking the fans, I'll accept second just for him.

he's about to kill someone kekeke | allkpop Meme Center

he's about to kill someone. He's in between Hobi and the alien of course he would want to kill someone V-hope are probz annoying him to death

❤️✨ Run BTS! 2018 - EP.36 ✨❤️ #jungkook

❤️✨ Run BTS! 2018 - EP.36 ✨❤️ #jungkook