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Play the song "C'mon" by Panic! At The Disco and watch this at the same time. I love it when artists create these song-lyrics-fan-art-strips. This one's by viria, the legendary PJO/HoO artist who draws the characters exactly as most envision them.

I like died laughing....sorry>>>>Oh no its okay ill just sit here CRYING!>>>>>GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!!!How are we to ever defeat Kronos if all we do is fight???>>>>>deal with it -_-

I like died laughing.sorry>>>>Oh no its okay ill just sit here CRYING!How are we to ever defeat Kronos if all we do is fight?>>>>>deal with it -_<<<<< and they are all all of them. All three are heRos, jokers, and broken

You always do, Percy

You always do, Percy I just thought of something horrible. What if annabeth was invisible in front of a monster about to kill it and Percy accidentally swung at her from behind cause he couldn't see her?

One of the first Percabeth moments :)

One of the first Percabeth moments~ PJO The Lightning Thief. Imma cry coz they were soo little and aww i cant handle the cuteness

Let's See How Far We've Come - Percy Jackson - Viria13

How far we've come by matchbox twenty. The Heroes of Olympus. I think I've pinned a video version thing of this somewhere at the bottom of this board.

Leo with a mini Festus?

Leo with a mini Festus? Why Festus? Why Leo! (I haven't read the boo, I'm just guessing.

Nico and Jason playing Mythomagic

Jason and Nico playing Mythomagic! Can this happen? And the last frame where Jason is just so excited/shocked to see Nico laugh! jason looks so good