Karolina Danek
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Karolina

«Mareunrol’s» collections are like sequels to two thematic lines: «Episodes» react to a current mood in Latvian society, but in «Fieldworks» the designers go deep into topics that resonate with their personal interests. The story of «Tenant / Fieldwork Nº2» is about a man who comes home after another ordinary, boring and tiring day he has spent at work. After entering the stairwell he decides not to take the elevator, but goes on foot instead. While climbing the stairs he drifts away in…

Great Gatsby Men's Fashion & Brooks Brothers Clothing — Gentleman's Gazette:

College pants CASABLANCA natural linen Vecona Vintage. €179,00, via Etsy.

College vest CINCINATTI KID blue wool tweed Vecona Vintage swing dance lindy hop 1930 30s /

College pants SWINGING SAVOY brown Vecona Vintage swing dance lindy hop wide leg 1930 30s on Etsy, $248.67 AUD

1920s Working class man.

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