Karolina Karolina Sosnowska

Karolina Karolina Sosnowska

Karolina Karolina Sosnowska
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photo booth

Just a photo frame dangling from ribbons off of a tree can also serve as a cheap and easy photo booth. Similar to the photos I took but the frame wasn't hanging

We will provide photos in copper and gold antique frame for those who recently passed or those special to us or were not able to make it

Not even in backyard, but if outdoor wedding in Woods, on multiple trees towards the actual place. Gallery wall on a tree! Source: Inspired by This Romantic Backyard Wedding by Robert Evans + Karson Butler Events

family tree wedding decor

family tree wedding decor The Family Tree Displaying family wedding photos has been a beloved tradition for years, but we love this couple's literal interpretation of the family tree.