Firefly String Lights $28.00 Urban Outfitters.

17 Ways To Make Your Bed The Coziest Place On Earth

Breakfast Basket with coffee, banana bread, and whipped honey butter. This idea can be scaled down a bit (smaller basket, mini-loaf, sample-size coffee) and still be fabulous! Tutorial.

Breakfast Hostess Gift: Banana Bread, Honey Butter, Coffee Beans, Tea Towel in a basket.

such a great idea for a party.

Hanging Photo Album - 12 Ways to Use Your Christmas Lights in the Summer - Southernliving. Clip all your summer pictures up on strings of Christmas lights for an ethereal glow in your room. Swap the pictures out next season, and keep making memories.

Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites (gluten-free with…

Note: Don't use regular peanut butter! Get the natural you-make kind from fresh market---The original peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites with a secret ingredient nobody can detect! Gluten/grain/dairy-free with a vegan option.

The Perfect Office - InfiniteUSB, Flic Smart Button, Kodak PixPro and Office Ideas!

Contemporary Home Office - contemporary - Home Office - Ottawa - John Donkin Architect Inc. // chalkboard desk nook, seems like a good fit for off the kitchen

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