Karolina Krzesinska

Karolina Krzesinska

Karolina Krzesinska
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Teach your kids the 10 commandments with a FREE printable matching game.

Do the 10 Commandments still apply today? Although the commandments may seem irrelevant or outdated to our children--particularly based on the examples we see all around us--we owe it to them teach the deeper meanings behind each commandment.

For Stephen's Stoning craft - each kid makes a few of these, takes them home, and leaves them for people who are having a rough day in order to spread God's love

My nephew found a 'love rock' last week and was so excited. That joy alone was enough to make me paint rocks for someone else to smile at. FEBRUARY LOVE PROJECT collect rocks paint hearts on them place them back outside where people can find them


Fun & Easy Rock Crafts for Kids

Faith Sunday school kids New Testament learning cube

You could do this for anything, including books of the Old Testament, 12 apostles, 15 judges, and any other list to be memorized. It can be used for memory verses too.