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Karolina Bober
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...And everything that can billow, will billow in an epic way...with that explosion ^_~ #otaku

And everything that can billow, will billow in an epic way.with that explosion ^_~ haha, anime is so weird.

Does anyone know who this artist is? I would like to buy all the things. ALL OF THEM.

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The Return of Lord Voldemort Really neat GIF of a cell phone in a microwave.

Why you shouldn't microwave a cell phone. IT'S LIKE THE REBIRTH OF VOLDEMORT? It's like the cell phone is a demon. It finally escapes in the heat or leaves the phone. Maybe it thought it finally arrived in hell?

Why go to space when you can do this?

pinkmansteddybear: “ tiger-eyed-girl: “ you-know-i-m-a-dreamer: “ sinfulmachine: “ it’s funny when people think high school students take things seriously because this is what we do ” WHY IS THIS A THING ” my friend did this last year and the.