Karolina Piątkowska

Karolina Piątkowska

Karolina Piątkowska
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Ada Tache Ventanas circulares que permiten asomarse a los interiores de thepetitecasa y que tienen su inspiracion en preciosas imagenes, arquitecturas y objetos como este.

This is one of 7 pictures, made to illustrate my Diploma in Moscow Architectural University. Project is called Dvorulitsa (mixture of 2 russian words “dvor” = yard and “ulitsa” = street).

Ted'a arquitectes (38)

Ted'a arquitectes Casa di vacanze de Marco Zanuso Silhouetting the interior puts emphasis on its relationship with the outdoors. The composition of this image creates a strong sense of perspective

From June to September, Kibune's restaurants build covered platforms out over the river where visitors can enjoy a meal as the water flows beneath them. Known as kawadoko, dining on the platforms is a relaxing experience and an excellent way to escape the summer heat. Photograph by Michelle Wiese

Kibune restaurant in Kyoto, Japan: customers eating during the summer outside on traditional tatami mats, called Kawadoko. If you come to Kyoto from June to September, this looks like a fun experience.