Never go back! And if what broke you tries reaching out to you again, ignore them. A valuable lesson for everyone to know. If they broke you to begin with then he didn't love to fight and be better for both of you.

Bruce Lee

Fitness Quotes : “Don’t fear failure… In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” ~ Bruce L…

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Lord, I bring to you my burdens and You know my situation. You know I can't make it without You. Comfort my heart, give me strength, & help me carry on. Amen ~ God is Heart

These look awesome! I'm totally going to watch them later!

5 TED Talks for your Mental Health

I have been obsessing over TED talks lately. Streaming them on TV while I clean the house is my new favorite way to multitask. Here are some great ones related to mental health that I recommend. I hope you like them! This TED talk discusses embracing yo


You showed enough inconsistency to prove you're a liar. I don't lie was the best start you made .