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Look at those fabulous ears - curved, no less! The Marwari or Malani[1] is a…

The Kathiawari is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips. The Marwari are descended from native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, possibly with some Mongolian influence

Snoozing in shavings.

startinggate: Jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson snapped a photo of one of Stronach Stables’ steeds napping quite leisurely at Palm Meadows. River Rush was the winner of last year’s Plate Trial Stakes at Woodbine by a dominating 5 lengths.

Lady Promise and Pride by MLPMeadows on DeviantArt

Lady Promise and Pride the Peacock Hair: Super long saran in deep purple, lilac, green and sky purple Main Symbol: Hand painted Peacock feathers Extra S. Lady Promise and Pride

Baby Believe and Belle by MLPMeadows.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Baby Believe and Belle Hair: Original MLP hair from a donar pony Main Symbol: Hand painted Unicorn head Extra Symbols: Blaze on forehead Full body paint.

Serene Sunset and Evermore by MLPMeadows.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Serene Sunset and Evermore Hair: Super long saran in red and yellow Main Symbol: Hand painted Phoenix feathers Extra Symbols: Phoenix feathers on forehe. Serene Sunset and Evermore

Darling Amour by MLPMeadows.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Darling Amour Hair: Saran in lilac, pink, black and pearly white Main Symbol:The Eiffel tower with pink and purple sunset sky and black and white hearts.