Interesting light ideas on webpage. Portable fixtures: floor These are three floor lamps that provide artificial lighting for a room and is able to turn up brightness etc I love these and I don't know what I would change .

Weave Chair by Mariel Penner-Wilson at

Weave Chair by Mariel Penner-Wilson. Using lines to create unusual shapes. Like Marc's furniture work this chair has a futuristic feel.

The A Lamp

The A Lamp Another really cool pendant that may or may not provide enough light says Josh

Anonymous; Teak and Enameled Metal 'String' Style Shelving, 1960s.

Teak and Enameled Metal 'String' Style Shelving, [my dad must have had plans b/c he built this all over our living room. we had one of those cup type chairs also. it was all very mid-century modern up in our house.