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since someone asked yesterday here's a tut! #paperdragon #paperdragonp... | How To Make A Dragon ...
a black and white drawing of a bird's head with its wings spread out
Первая сторона дракона, берите)
a drawing of an animal with headphones on
Primagen Node fanart
some type of shark with sharp teeth and fangs on it's face, in the style
Dragón puppet idea
a drawing of a cat with headphones on
two different types of dragon heads with the words dragon idea it's
Dragón puppet idea
an abstract drawing of two faces with different colors
Dragón puppet idea
two cartoon cats with glasses on their heads
three black and white cats with their heads turned to look like they are floating in the air
Dragón puppet idea
an image of two cartoon characters on the same page, one is holding a phone
Paper dragon idea
an image of two cartoon animals with wheels on their backs and one has its mouth open
Dragón puppet idea