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an empty room with two doors and three lamps
Фото: Дизайн интерьера холла - Интерьер квартиры в стиле современной американской классики, ЖК «Royal Park», 214 кв.м.
an empty room with two white doors and some yellow tape on the floor in front of them
drzwi wewnętrzne – Stolarka Mikos – producent drzwi drewnianych, okien i schodów
an empty room with two doors and a potted plant in the corner next to it
Drzwi drewniane wewnętrzne - Artel Wrocław
an open wooden door in a white room with wood flooring and black wall behind it
Gallery of Apartment For A Guy And Even Two Of Them / ZONA Architekci - 13
an empty hallway with white walls and wood flooring on the other side as well as a green footstool