Cosmetic bags also can be: pencil case, purse can. Best sewing machine operation, more solid, hand-stitched, then reinforcement.

constellation pencil pouch pencil case Pouch by aninaround on Etsy

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This is a continuation of the Evelyn Photo Tutorial. Click here for Part 1 > Click here for Part 3 > Step 4: Connectors Pin a Connector with stabilizer to a Connector with interfacing, right sides together and matching all edges. Now you want to make a mark on the stabilizer where you will stop sewing. …

Evelyn Tutorial, Part 2

Evelyn Tutorial, Part 2 - Swoon Sewing Patterns - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj

Zipper zipper pouch Just bought a box of zippers for 4 bucks need to use them

Jak uszyć piórnik z suwakiem? - proste szycie krok po kroku

Jak uszyć piórnik z suwakiem?