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a cemetery with graves and flowers in it
Referenzen - Grabanlagen- Doppelgräber
a cross made out of flowers and plants in the dirt with mirrors on it's sides
Titting - Gärtnerei
a stone monument with flowers in the middle
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two wooden boxes filled with dirt and flowers
Allerheiligen - Floristik Geisberger
several wooden planters filled with plants on top of a brick floor next to potted plants
Trauerfloristik - Floristik Geisberger
a garden with plants and rocks in it
Die Blumenwerkstatt Anni Platz - Gedenktags- und Trauerfloristik
a small garden with gravel and plants in it
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an outdoor garden with gravel, rocks and plants in the center is surrounded by stones
Easy-care grave planting tips ideas #cemetery flowers Easy-care grave planting t – Style