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"It doesn't mean anything"

I know Dramione is a strange one, but for me it has potential (even if you do have to change a great deal around). Though in all honesty, in the universe they're in their teens and would still have room to grow :P

Draco Malfoy Memes | image.png

And he probably would have had his mom not called him I mean he looks so distraught about it and slightly shook his head when his dad called but when Narcissa called he looked down and went. This makes me kind of mad about Narcissa, but then i like her so

Tom Felton; Draco Malfoy

Primrose Grey Shacklebolt is a fourth year Slytherin.The first time she speaks to Draco Malfoy, a Prince of Slytherin, is on the Hogwarts express. Where will this encounter lead? Will darkness pull them part or time push them together? (story in progress)

Its not Draco's fault he turned out like that he grew up with pure bloods and where taught that pure bloods are great and special.

“you’ll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, potter. you don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. i can help you there.