Daddy's Little Psycho
Daddy's Little Psycho
Daddy's Little Psycho

Daddy's Little Psycho

Now my mind's gonna blow Hello

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Me When The Teacher Ask Me A question I Don't Lnow The Answer To XD

HA HA HA thats, thats funny, nice joke guys. ITS HILARIOUS, just yeah. Please tell me you aren't serious.

They always ruin each other's photos. Mike did it to Trè, Trè did it to Billie, Billie does it to everything else even his prom photo!

Billie Joe knows whats up

Green Day - Revolution Radio "We are revolution radio Operation no control And the headline My love's bullet proof Give me cherry bombs and gasoline Debutantes in surgery And the headline Legalize the truth."

And she spelled it wrong because she was loopy from pain meds during birth XD

This Message From Green Day To Their Fans Will Melt Your Heart

We love you too *^*