Zdjęcie numer 6 w galerii - Meble z palet - kilka porad

Good use of Pallets! DIY Recycle Pallet Stadium-Style Seating for home theater room. Reclaimed wood shipping pallets create a cozy spot for friends to gather in this home theater. The pallets also serve double-duty holder for DVDs,magazines, and books.

LEŻANKA ZA GROSIK - dwie palety, materac, odpowiednia kolorystyka i dodatki. To wystarczy, żeby poczuć się jak na greckich wakacjach

Are you used to throwing away old pallets? Old pallets can be extremely useful.

Wełniane pufy, jaśki, dywany i kosze do wnętrza | ILOBAHIE

Each bean bag is one of a kind.

Zdjęcie numer 7 w galerii - Meble z palet - kilka porad

Zdjęcie numer 7 w galerii - Meble z palet - kilka porad


This is a cool Ikea hack: buy one of the plain, cheap Lack coffee tables and secure stained cedar planks to the top. This is a cool Ikea hack: buy…

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Home Ideas , Top 10 Wood Pallet Projects for your House : Wood Pallet Projects Pallet Bed. Doing thumis in my bedroom


If you're short on space, need to save cash, or just like creative problem-solving, consider all the ways you can make your furniture work overtime. Here are a few examples of helpful, double-duty pieces.

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