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a painting of a blue house in the middle of a green field with trees and bushes
Standing Tall and Proud
an elephant and other animals are riding in a boat
80's & 90's UK childrens television Photo: The moomins
there is a painting on the wall with many people and animals around it, including an umbrella
saastapallo User Profile | DeviantArt
an image of some animals in front of a house
Comet in Moominland by Tamasaburo09 on DeviantArt
a watercolor painting of a girl in a green coat with flowers on her head
The Moomins 15 by mannamy on DeviantArt
an image of a cartoon character looking out the window at another character with a hat on
ムーミン心の格言 (@yxpatasyuy) / Twitter
a painting of a girl with a fishing rod in her hand and mountains in the background
Claws and Flowers
Realistic Owl Tattoo, Chalk Markers Art, Autumn Illustration, Marker Art
ムーミン心の格言 (@yxpatasyuy) / Twitter
a woman riding on the back of a boat while holding a fishing pole
ムーミン心の格言 (@yxpatasyuy) / Twitter
a painting of a person on a bridge over a pond
Moominvalley by Tonyholmsten on DeviantArt