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a wooden cabinet sitting on top of a rug next to a vase with dry grass in it
Shop — Maman Rugs
a cabinet made out of wood with its doors open
an art piece made out of marble and wood with two wooden poles on each side
a tall white and gold object in front of a curtained window with light coming through it
Arch Armoire at PAD Paris 2023
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an old fashioned ice cream cart with wheels
DISEÑO DE CARRITOS DE SHOTS, BARRAS MOVILES PARA EVENTOS | B&Ö Diseño de Bares y Restaurantes Arquitectura Interior Decoración y Muebles en Mexico.
an advertisement for the carrito bar con hilo, featuring woven baskets on wheels
Diseño tejido
an old fashioned wooden cabinet with many glasses in it
an open cabinet with a coffee maker on top
Bvlgari Resort & Residences Dubai - Picture gallery 19
an image of a cabinet with drawers and cupboards on the bottom shelf in front of it
a kitchen with an oven, sink and shelving unit
a tall black and gold cabinet with four drawers on each side, in front of a gray background
The Ezera Drawer—A Contemporary Chest of Drawers in Metal and Black Oak
Excellent in size and style, the Ezera drawer is a perfect fit for any living room, narrow corridor and entry hall. Fabricated out of wood, metal, and designed by Larissa Batista, this modern cabinet is a master class of design that brings with it the charm and elegance from the industrial school of design to the contemporary and modern times with an all handmade construction.