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Karen Głogowska

Karen Głogowska
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Collie poem-Albert Payson Terhune

From Sunnybank - Terhune Collies FB page: "This beautiful illustrated reprint of the poem originally from BUFF: A COLLIE appears in the 1972 Collie Club of America Yearbook, which commemorated the centennial of Terhune's birth.

Newfouland bebé ... qué cositaaaa !!!

My name is Gandalf the Grey and I am a ten week old Newfoundland puppy. Some of my favorite things to do include playing with my big brother and sister, chasing the kitty cats, chewing on everything I can find and taking naps with my mommy and daddy!

Love the way German Shepherds turn their heads like this...

5 Dog Breeds For Single Women German Shepherd is a very famous and versatile breed. It has got a good reputation because of its services in police and army. These dogs are one of the best proven guard dogs. This large dog (tall and up to about 90 pounds)