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I got Type-C Personality! You are fun and creative but a bit unfocused at times. You often find yourself between moods, feeling social but also unsocial, happy but a little sad. Don’t worry about your mood so much; sit back and enjoy the moment. This Line Test Will Determine Your Actual Personality Type

ArtStation - Winter forest, yeonji Rhee

water cycle bag - I used to do this demonstration with third graders. add a drop of blue food coloring to the water if desired. A very effective experiment that works best in a sunny window.

LIFE SAVER!!!!! Elementary Statistics: Finding Std. Dev. and Variance of a Discrete Rand...

Math = Love: Growth Mindset Mistakes Poster

Medium Length Modern Shag Haircut Design 742x660 Pixel

Medium Hair Styles - medium length hairstyles, clavi cut, LOB - layered haircut for medium length hair

Medium Choppy Layered Hairstyles | medium length haircuts medium haircuts medium hair styles hairstyles ...