Katarzyna Szmulewicz

Katarzyna Szmulewicz

Katarzyna Szmulewicz
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I want a tattoo tht starts under the arm and wraps around to the top of the shoulder

shoulder ribcage stomach shoulder back nature red brown black blossoms flowers branches female woman women girl pretty beautiful tattoos tattoo tat tats idea ideas inspiration ink

Beautiful Flower Chest and Shoulder Tattoos for Girls | Women Tattoo Designs | Ideas for Women Tattoos

pretty art girl fashion Cool like piercing gorgeous style Awesome vintage piercings tattoos inked tattoo artist flower flowers nature nice ink rose tunnel Snakebites pierc tattoeod flashtunnel pictures-on-the-skin

red birds raven clock tattoo

birds flying through time clock breaks clock broke, time broken time flies tattoo I love the style. Maybe I could get something else like a globe or something to do with geology/paleontology.