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Asperger’s syndrome is the mildest form of autism and includes higher functioning. Here are some of the common symptoms associated with Asperger’s Syndrome. Aspergers Traits, Autistic Traits, Aspergers Autism, Adhd And Autism, Children With Autism, Autism Learning, Autism Support, Helping Children, Learning Disabilities

30 "Key" Aspergers Traits

Question I think my child has Aspergers. I know this disorder has a strong genetic factor, and my husband has been diagnosed with it. Now my son is starting to have some of the same Aspergers-like traits. Is there a test or set of criteria that will help me know if I need to have my son tested for Aspergers? Answer Aspergers (high functioning autism) is a neurobiological collection of behavioral differences (called a syndrome). It is classified in the DSM alongside Autistic Disorder. There…

ADHD is a disorder condition which is first identified in childhood. It is a mind based problem which reveals that metabolic procedure in ADHD youngster's mind is lower as well as it influence their focus behaviors social judgment as well as motions. Aspergers Women, Aspergers Autism, Adhd And Autism, Asd, Autism Help, Adhd Help, Autism In Adults, Autistic Traits, Autism

Found this. Thought it might help someone. Common female autistic traits. Autism shows differently in women. Knowledge is the first step for many. ❤️

ADHD is a disorder problem which is first recognized in youth. It is a brain based trouble which exposes that metabolic process in ADHD kid's brain is reduced and it influence their interest practices social judgment and movements. Adhd Odd, Adhd And Autism, What's Adhd, Autism Teens, Adhd Signs, Adhd Brain, Adhd Help, Adhd Diet, Adhd Strategies

ADHD's hyperfocus spell: what it is and how to break it

Sometimes our ability to hyperfocus on a single activity for hours at a time feels like a superpower. Sometimes we wish we could just stop.

Women and girls with autism camouflage so well, they are referred to as chameleons. Stop blending in and be you! Autism In Adults, Autism Teens, What Is Autism, Autism Causes, Autism Help, Autism Diagnosis, Autism, Psychology

I Stopped Masking My Autism and So Can You!

"Women with Autism Struggle with Imitation" Ever heard that one? Experts talk about our inability to imitate. Those same experts can't see past our chameleon-like efforts to diagnose us. They call us "chameleons," claim we "camouflage," or insist we are "masking" our autism. If it weren't so sad

ADHA and Intense Emotions When most people think of ADHD, they think of hyperactive behavior or difficulties paying attention. What often doesn’t spring to mind are intense emotional ups and downs. Adhd Odd, Adhd And Autism, Autism Parenting, Parenting Plan, Adhd Brain, Adhd Help, Adhd Diet, Adhd Strategies, Mental Health

Free Handout: Get a Grip on Tough Emotions

You're not imagining things — ADHD really is linked to more powerful and unruly emotions. Use these strategies to understand the cause of your feelings, and learn what you can do to get them under control.

40 Tips for Parenting Defiant Teens on the Autism Spectrum Aspergers Traits, Teen Depression, High Functioning Autism, Teaching Social Skills, Do Homework, Autistic Children, Helping Children, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Special Needs Kids

30 "Key" Aspergers Traits

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