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Katarzyna Kania

Katarzyna Kania
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C'mon... you laughed.  Just a little.

People may disagree with the Jesus fish or the Darwin fish, but we all can agree that fish and chips are good.

Flying spaghetti monster!  Next to go on my car, as the Darwin fish is wearing out.

Charles Darwin Fish Car Emblem plaque is road tested. It's a Darwin Theory of Evolution response to the Jesus Fish (ichthus fish).

? ! Where to purchase this ? !  Here ! w less than $6 s&h:  http://reasonistink.com/darwin-fish-no-proselytizing-metal-sign  … … for our entryways and office doors ! … … k i n d yet FIRM ! Y E S, GO AWAY ! … … IF ya’ even think to try to start up with us !

I'd love to get this, but I'd worry that a) they would just target me harder, or b) my home would be defaced by the crazy, right-wing bible beaters that are my neighbors.