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x'DDD but i wanted to draw Masky. D< Tim/Masky © MH More like ► M. Need a break

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I drew it in an animation style by play! I had a very nice time^^ ~Explanation~ ↑Sally which gets a candy from Laughing jack. ↓Jeff and Liu which reopened.

NNNNNOOOOOO TOBY I THOUGHT U COULDN'T DIE!!!! Jeff: It's ok kenzie we'll always be remembered with people like u *hugs me* Me: T^T B-but it's not fair u guy's are human to y do people treat u like like Toby: *says quietly* Monsters Me: To-to your alive Toby: Ya alitte hurt but I'll be fine

If creepypasta fades away then I will be one of the few people who will never let them (the creepypastas) go.