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uhmm… real!!😔
moneybagbunda on tiktok
two pictures of the same person's blue eyes and one has an ad for polia
two men sitting next to each other in front of red chairs with the caption that reads, i've 100 proboszicz / lv1 boezc? thats how parafaia works
karuzela smiechu
the words running, sprinting, and speed walking
Jak teraz leżysz to SPIERDALING do robotyyy
a black and white photo with the words, laf is brutal end full of
Lajf is brutal ....
a poem written in the language of christmas and new year's greetings for someone
two texts that have been written in different languages, one has an image of the same person
two screens showing the same cartoon character in different positions, one with an odd expression
Moja bf tak zawsze 😂✌
a croissant is shown with the words in different languages on it's side
Kocham 😂🔥