Looking for medium length hairstyles? Here are 25 you'll want to copy right now. I love her blunt bangs and slight wave in her hair.

25 Medium Length Hairstyles You'll Want to Copy Now

Pink champagne colored hair

When this trend started to pick up the pace I was Umming and ahhring? But this pink champagne coloured cut is so cool, I think the stylist deserves a toast!

Fearne Cotton blunt bob

Inverted bob hairstyles are in vogue for a long period. Although every hairstyle has its own grade and specialty, the inverted bob haircut looks clearly.

Just the perfect length for a sexy, playful chic bob. Short straight bangs give it that French sexiness that will get you more than a second look!

Short haircuts look very nice and gorgeous on women. There are many styles for short haircuts one of which is bob. This haircut looks very cute and pretty on

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