Kamil Kucharski

Kamil Kucharski

Kamil Kucharski
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George David's Rambler 88 at the start of the 2015 RORC Caribbean 600 ©Tim Wright/Photoaction.com

Cowes Dinard St Malo Race Organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club in association with UNCL, Yacht Club de Dinard, Société Nautique de la Baie de St. Malo, Junior Offshore Group (JOG) and the Royal.

Alex Thomson performing what he calls the ‘keel walk’, a stunt that has become infamous in the sailing world thanks to this photograph.

Alex Thomson performing the ‘keel walk.’ As his carbon fibre yacht, Hugo Boss, sails on edge, Alex pulls up in a ski jet and leaps onto the keel of the boat. Photo by ALEX THOMSON RACING


Kialoa III was one of the most well known of Jim Kilroy's maxis to wear the famous 'Kialoa' name, and photos of her under full sail downwind are still impressive even today.