Kamil Golka
Kamil Golka
Kamil Golka

Kamil Golka

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House in Lo Curro / Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados

House in Lo Curro by Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados.

Een luxe badkamer met betaalbare badkamerproducten!

Nice dual fireplace between the bedroom and bathroom. But is it too open? There's really no bathroom privacy in this layout.

Villa L

by Original Vision - Villa Amanzi in Phuket, Thailand.

LED lighted Acrylic Stairs. To walk down. In a curvy pattern. With no rails. In the dark.

Antique Courtyard Garden listed in: Courtyard Landscaping Pictures, courtyard Garden Pictures Design and courtyard Flowers

luciano kruk forms MR house of folded concrete and wooden louvers