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ReplicA no.2 Contextual studieS

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1) I wanted to create replica of Zdzisław Beksniński, picture no "72 32000" because in my opinion he is one of the most creative Polish Graphic Artist in 21st century.


7)Final work. At the end I used white and yellow pastels, to extract stronger saturation. I'm really happy from my work. Maybe it's not the same like Beksinski paint but I try my best and I must say it wasn't easy to copy a 'master'.

6)Later on I focused on lighter colours like red and orange. Mixing pastels on base I discovered unique melange of tones and saturation - I really didn't expected that!

5)At first I started coloured the darkest area using black pastel, I wanted to reach intensive tone thanks them. I was really surprised how good those pencils are...

4)I decide to use pastel pencils not crayons because is the same drawing qualities of traditional pastels but with more precision and less mess.

3)For a base I chosed colored -cream- paper, because art work got similar background and it will be good for a start. Technique I chossed are pastels pencils.

2)Picture "72 32000" is very dark art work. First I made sketch of picture using 2B pencil.