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5)At this stage you can see I have added roof and started to darken the floor and sections of the hair to give the image more depth. I found this a real challenge as Dali painted on such a small scale and the brush work had to be so detailed personally I like to work on a larger scale.

6) Finally I had to add the small details such as the eyes, curtain pole and finials and also the lines on the floor to create the sense of perspective. I used touches of water to reactivate the gouache in order to blend some areas a little more. For the most part this was successful but at times I blended too much and I had to wait for it to dry before I could add more paint to fix it.

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3) At this stage I'm happy with the work, I will check it next week to see if after some time I see any changes that need to be made.

4) Now I've added in the wall colours - Violet tones, you can start to see the space come together - She looks like she is part of a 3D interior space. I created the violet colour mixing red & blue and added more water to achieve the tighter tone. I liked the fact that the gouache reactivates although it was a little like Russian roulette as you may not be sure of the outcome.

1) It's sketch of Salvador Dali painting "Mae West". I used special paper, for water colours paints. Texture of this paper is thicker thanks that paints connects with background better. I used 2B pencil. I'm used to using acrylic and oil paints, so gouache was new to me. I liked the intense colour that they have after drying. The matt finish was very different to what I am used to.

2) I stopped for second to take photo. Mae West's face is almost complete but still some more to do.

Final work! I learned a lot! For a first time I was using gouache wasn't so easy as I thought. Because I wanted to create as much as possible replica i painted in original smaller scale. I learned that sometimes YOU must be patience to achieve results because paints must dry. Without doubt I must say that Salvador Dali was a great artist and I give him more respect and his skills. I really wanted to try my best to copy big artist but I don't think I'm gonna try it again but "never say…

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