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A cozy outfit that is perfect for teen girls with some feminine touches. Black skinny jeans or leggings, a plain top, a blue hoodie and sneakers. Style it up with metallic rings in different shapes, a leather backpack and… Continue Reading →

No-Sew Zipper Cases…from old SODA (or water) BOTTLES!

Give markers, colored pencils, and crayons a travel-friendly container (not like those cardboard boxes that tear and fall apart). The bottle exterior gives it structure, while colorful zippers makes it sealable. Get the tutorial at Make It

DIY Glittery Pink Vases by Icing Designs DIY Glittery Pink Vases In Navy and Coral of course! Really want fantastic helpful hints regarding arts and crafts?

Super świeczniki ozdobione serwetkami

If you are the fans of lace and have lots of laces left unused at your home, why not add them to your home decoration? This is an excellent concept. Lace can not only add beauty to your home, but also(Diy Deko)