Kamila Krzemińska

Kamila Krzemińska

Kamila Krzemińska
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ninewhitebanners: “ The Tsaatan are a small minority ethnic group in Mongolia, about 400 people. Tsaabug means “reindeer” - the Tsaatan keep herds of reindeer for riding and milk. Photos by Jimmy.

Owl Power - wisdom and sacred knowledge. Call upon Owl medicine for insight and intuition.

Indian Woman with Owl . Blind River, Ontario, Canada -- I've always wondered what she was thinking, considering that the owl is not alive, or could have been sick. For some tribes the owl is a symbol of death -- a taboo to behold.

little girl, Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

Bactrian Camel (Camelus bactrianus) and young girl, Gobi Desert, Mongolia -- this type of camel is critically endangered. by Pete Oxford

Kazakh Nomad- Mongolia

Kazakh Nomad In Mongolia ~ Kazakh people living in Mongolia near Bayan-Olgii use Golden Eagles to hunt wild sheep, foxes and wolves, and get together once a year in October to show off and compete.