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That's true of many things in life, not just your fitness goals, but your professional goals, relationship goals, etc

I honestly want this board to be about running inspiration not people showing off their Nike pros and their 6 packs and brand new sneakers so I hopefully am leaning towards the more trail running posts

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Visual cervical dilation chart.

During labour we pay close attention to the midwife telling us how many centimetres our cervix has dilated, but it's really hard to visualise what that .

Fetal Positions for labor and birth.

Fetal Positions for Labor and Birth: Knowing what position your baby is in for birth can make a huge difference.

The bones of the female pelvis and fetal skull revision

OLCreate: Antenatal Care Module: Anatomy of the Female Pelvis and Fetal Skull: Figure The bones of the female pelvis.