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Blog is in Polish, but here I describe what is there for those who speak English
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guitar string as jewellery material. Why not?


wire base, woved with yarn. It can make every shape you like


all natural. Wooden beads, wrapped with yarn or woved with thick thread

simple but cute-leather bracelets with lenght regulation

simple cup holder- wooden board, few big nails, wooden beads for ending

if your computer is too big-optimize it! My had huge tower case, so I made new... with wood. Now monitor is on top of it and it all need less space. It's not only horizontal, components are rearranged so case is really smaller than old one. It's absolutely safe, on some conditions. Motherboard isn't directly on the wood, we cut part of old case made for it, and back of the new case is also part of old one, cutted from it.