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Ahri x Leona

ahri animal ears bangs blue hair bow braid breasts cleavage closed eyes closed mouth eyelashes feng dai hr flower fox ears fox tail hair flower hair ornament half-closed eyes league of legends leaning back leona (league of legends) long hair multipl

Ahri~League of Legends

ahri animal ears black legwear breasts crossed arms fangs fox ears fox tail highres kerasu large breasts league of legends long hair long sleeves lying multiple tails open mouth panties pantyshot pantyshot (lying) redhead school uniform skirt smile s

aengdohwa:  Ahri :3 twitter:

Anime picture league of legends ahri academy ahri (league of legends) hanato (seonoaiko) long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer open mouth fringe smile sitting pink hair yellow eyes animal ears holding signed tail bent knee (knees) 480271 de

Ahri, League of Legends

Hahha, so Ahri has been my favorite champion to play for 3 years now and I never got around to doing a fanart of her until now! Took me a bit of time tr. Ahri - Don't you trust me?