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this is so cool wish i knew this sooner
Great ideas from: effectivespaces on TikTok.
PerfectFIT Pure White Shutter Blind
@homewithhelenandco perfectly demonstrates just how easy our PerfectFIT Shutter blinds are to install. With no drills required, simply slot the brackets into place and clip the shutter on, and that's it! The tilt rod allows you to control the amount of light coming into your space easily, and the shutter style offers a sleek, sophisticated finish to any space. Designed to fit uPVC windows with a rubber bead, they are perfect for tilt-and-turn windows and conservatories.
an open sliding glass door on the side of a white house with black shutters
How to Add a Barn Track Sliding Screen Door
a man is sitting on the porch with his hand up in front of an open door
How to Install a Retractable Screen Door
7. Test the screen door by pulling on the center handle. It should glide up and down without hesitation.
an instagram page with several items hanging on the wall, including brooms and rakes
a wall mounted rack filled with lots of different types of utensils and brooms
Transform Your Garage from Cluttered Chaos to Organized Oasis: A Complete Garage Makeover Guide
an entertainment center with built in bookshelves and baskets on the bottom shelf is shown
Built-Ins We Love - Southern Eclectic Designs Site
a large brown dog standing on top of a blue floor next to a sliding glass door
8 Old Screen Door Ideas: Sustainable & Charming