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Pablo Picasso, La Vie, 1903

Pablo Picasso, La Vie, 1903

Zehra Doğan: Nusaybin, 2016. Painting. The Turkish Artist Receives a Two-Year Prison Sentence for Painting the Destruction of a Kurdish City (Nusaybin, Mardin Province—a Kurdish region of Turkey). Further informations:

"Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan Sentenced to Prison for Painting of Kurdish Town Attack" Work by Zehra Doğan. Courtesy the Voice Project.

5 niesamowitych artystek, których historie mało kto zna. A szkoda. Zofia Stryjeńska - "Góralscy grajkowie przy winie"

Lubańska (* Mai 1891 in Krakau; † Februar 1976 in Genf) war eine polnische Malerin, Grafikerin, Illustratorin, Bühnenbildnerin und Vertreterin der Art Déco

Alan Lee - Minas Tirith

Gondor, The White City. All know is that I could never draw that, let alone paint it. John Howe and Alan Lee, the gentlemen who did the conceptual art and much of the design throughout the making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, incredible artists.

From Wikiwand: A bronze axe of the Shang dynasty

Yidu, Shangdong Province - Shang Dynasty - 1046 B.) Excavated, 1956 - This axe was used in hand-to-hand combat, and was also a ritual object symbolizing power and military authority. The tomb it came from likely belonged to a man of wealth and influence