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many different colored coffee mugs are arranged in a grid on a white wall with letters and numbers
꒰🧸꒱ 爱⁷
rainbow clay rings
a hand holding a pink and purple plate with gold rings on it's face
jewelry tray 💜✨
many different types of earrings are displayed on a white surface with rainbows and smiley faces
a hand holding a green frog shaped object in it's palm, with grass in the background
Cute frog tea light holder / ring jewellery dish
a ceramic cow with horns on it's head sitting on a white cloth covered surface
a woman's hand with five different animal rings on her fingers, all in various colors
Polymer Clay Rings
two fish in a blue bowl with rocks and water
The Tank🐠 handmade clay Ashtray OR Trinket Dish!
three heart shaped soaps sitting on top of a table next to a paintbrush
Pastel Dreamy Y2K Home Room Decor
a green bowl with a pink polka dot on the bottom and an elephant face painted on it
check out on depop!!
two heart shaped trays sitting next to each other
40 Selber Machen Deko Ideen: Neueste Trends für 2021