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Joseph Joestar by 1FAB

The main character of "Battle tendency" the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and my favorite character from the series, he appears in the third .

Dark Souls - Gwyn’s Four Knights

Dark Souls - Gwyn’s Four Knights there is no shame in seeking what you truly desire

Ashen-One-DSIII-персонажи-Dark-Souls-3-Dark-Souls-3382932.jpeg (731×1200)

abyss watcher aldrich devourer of gods armor arrow ashen one (dark souls ashes bow (weapon) brothers cape capelet claymore (sword) crown dagger dark souls dark souls iii dark sun gwyndolin dragonizm eclipse embers fire full armor gauntlets giant glaive

'this message is too wide to fit your screen', no.707

It's tough these days to convince people who think their votes don't count of how vital it is for them to vote in this election. If you know anybody who's expressed that feeling to you, please try to convince them that without everybody's vote, we could