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Make a knot pillow😍
Is it how to make a knot pillow from a blanket 🤩 isn't it very good or I love it ✨ Via @organizateconmariacaro
crocheted food items displayed on plate with blue and white tableclothed background
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Crochet Pattern - Etsy
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Crochet Pattern - Etsy
a hand holding a blue bowl filled with oatmeal and raspberries
Cereal bowl throw pillow for couch | Handmade food plushie | Crochet jumbo amigurumi | Pretend toys for kids
"🥣 This Cereal Bowl with raspberries plush is hand crafted with love and attention to details. Get one to add some cozy comfort to any room. It can also be a fun gift idea for someone special. 🧶 All crochet jumbo plushies are hand crafted using high-quality velvet yarn, and the safety eyes are properly assembled. Please supervise children under 3 when playing with the plushies. Please keep in mind that the plushies are handmade, so they will be slightly different. 📐 MEASUREMENTS: W 9.5
a hand holding a small knitted hat with an octopus on it's head
Crochet Fruit Loop Turtle, Cute, Summer, Amigurumi, Handmade, Pluhsie, Cereal
This fruit loop turtle is perfect for a cereal lover. Turtles and fruit loops, there is no better combo!! This turtle is made with super soft yarn! Message me with any further questions! With the use of safety eyes this is not recommended for children 3 and under.